DECO Recovery Management Announced as a Federal Navigator Grant Recipient

On Thursday, August 15, 2013 Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced $67 million in grant awards to 105 Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator grant applicants in Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Marketplaces.

DECO is humbled to be among those groups selected to serve as a Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator.

“DECO fosters a culture of service within our organization and to be selected to serve our fellow Americans and have an impact in the lives of millions is a humbling opportunity”,

said Godlee Davis, EVP.

“We are further humbled at the opportunity to be stewards of the tax payers’ funds and to ensure the facilitation of affordable and accessible quality health”,

says Andy Foland, VP.

South Carolina Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator Services

How Can DECO help implement the ACA healthcare changes in your facilities?

As you may know, 19% (856,482) of South Carolinians are currently uninsured. Since the program began in 2013, DECO has been a Federal Navigator. Currently, DECO is the only Federal Navigator who can facilitate enrollment in the Individual Marketplace as well as The Shop Market Place. DECO is performing community service operations throughout the state in libraries, colleges, media stations and hospital health fairs. 

ALL DECO staff who screen patients onsite are Certified Health Insurance Marketplace Navigators and can facilitate enrollment for consumers through, over the phone, in person or via paper application. In addition, DECO staff will:

  • Complete follow up for the consumers in order to assure enrollment is completed.
  • Complete applications for Medicaid, Disability, and Qualified Healthcare Plans.
  • Call Center staff dedicated to conduct outreach call campaigns to patients to educate, screen and facilitate enrollment.

Please contact DECO at: 1-866-441-DECO (3326), or email us at

Click here to download a list of our Navigator Site Locations

DECO Can Help with New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options

New health insurance marketplace coverage options can be difficult for uninsured patients, especially with the stresses and misconceptions that surrounded the arrival of the Affordable Care Act. As a Navigator, DECO is trained and ready to handle the customer service, education, enrollment, follow up, and next actions for new enrollments using the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

We at DECO our both proud and humbled to help those who have never had access to health insurance before through every step of the new health insurance marketplace coverage options process. With DECO, you can trust that we have been thoroughly trained and are well-practiced in successfully helping Americans in getting health insurance they need.

As with every DECO team member, we bring that close to home, small business feel to every interaction, putting faces and names together with everyone we help. We make doing the business, and a very important business at that, a pleasure, making sure that everyone is helped to the fullest extent possible. Our meetings are pleasant, where our team members are focused on dispelling myths, providing facts, and leading those uninsured patients to the actionable steps to obtaining coverage.

We are equipped and practiced at handling not just question and answer but every step of the process, such as coordinating the acquisition of Medicaid forms, informing those patients every step of the way on what the process is, and how to proceed. Trusting DECO Recovery Management is ideal in helping South Carolinians get the coverage that they need. As only one of two approved for both small business and individual Navigator services, we are happy to liaise any and all Affordable Care Act marketplace setups.