At DECO, we aim to assist your hospital in securing payments for procedures. Streamlining your existing revenue cycle management (RCM) system is just one of our areas of service. Our talented, multilingual staff offers patient-centric eligibility services that will ultimately benefit your hospital’s financial health.

We have been helping hospitals and healthcare facilities since 1993, and we’ve learned that a compassionate and patient-centered approach is the key to RCM success. On the other hand, providing 24/7 eligibility services involves a lot of work. It takes time, patience and an extensive knowledge of Medicaid and insurance programs by the Social Service Administration.

RCMs take time and resources that are often spread thin. If your hospital or clinic administration lacks the experience or knowledge in eligibility services, or if your facility needs to improve its bad debt conversion rates, we can help. Our 94% capture rate means that you get paid for the services you provide, and don’t have to use valuable resources to make it happen.

At DECO Recovery Management, our hospital assistance solutions are customizable, but our goal remains constant: Maximize avenues for coverage and reimbursements so your facility can continue to provide quality health care.

DECO Services in Your Region

At DECO we make it a point to make sure all interested hospital facilities are given special attention by our amazing Business Development staff.

  • For assistance in the Mid-Atlantic Region please contact Pete Leonard
  • For the Southeast, Southern & Midwestern Regions please contact Pete Ash.

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The DECO Difference

An integral necessity for your Hospital Revenue Cycle Management: DECO’s eligibility and advocacy services for your facility.

Our years of service to our community is a testament to our company’s commitment to excellence. DECO would like to become committed to your community as well. By implementing tweaks to your hospital revenue cycle management process, your organization is about to recover most hospitals funds, creating revenue where debt used to be.

How does the DECO system work for you? By having a company that is working for the best interest of all parties involved. DECO creates an atmosphere of understanding and calm for the patients, parent/guardian(s) that comforts them. Our friendly, compassionate advocates not only show care for the people they serve; they extend that sense of hope to families. We allow for physicians, nurses, hospital staff and administrators to focus on patient care and facility management; rather than improving healthcare revenue cycle management.

Our dynamic advocate team is personalized for your facility. Our dedication to excellence is the trademark of our company. Whether yours is a small clinic or a metropolitan hospital, our personal attention is custom fit to your particular business needs.

Much like a physician is there for their patient, from the beginning of a health issue and counsels them until the end of the problem, DECO is there in the background working for you.


I would highly recommend DECO's Recovery Management Services to any hospital. In their first year, DECO resolved over 1,565 accounts and recovered $5,355,000 for our hospital. DECO's management team and staff were a pleasure to work with.

M | Lakeland Regional Medical Center

We consider DECO our partner. Their dedicated staff works efficiently and productively, with a constant focus on patient satisfaction.

Angela Greener | West Jefferson Medical center

I sincerely appreciate the strategies DECO recommended for applying for Social Security benefits. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities.

Dr. Joseph M. Bocko | Roseland Community Hospital