Since 1993, DECO has been providing customized solutions for hospitals to help maximize third party self-pay revenue reimbursement. Our talented, multi-lingual staff is integral in this mission. DECO’s ‘Culture of Service’ ensures that we take the extra steps in order to assist your patients in their application process.

From our state of the art call center to field reps that will pick the patient up to attend hearings or submit applications, to our appeals specialists, we are driven to provide results.

– DECOThe Eligibility Experts

DECO's Suite of Services & Programs

Health Insurance Marketplace Outreach and Application Services
Maternal Newborn Medicaid
Emergency Medicaid
Section 1011
Victims of Crime
Third Party Liability
Charity Applications
Community Benefit with Presumptive Charity Scoring
Long Term Care/Nursing Home

Health Insurance Marketplace Outreach and Application Services

DECO will educate uninsured patients on the benefits available through the Health Insurance Marketplace including qualified health plans (QHPs), premium tax credits, and cost sharing reduction.  DECO will screen patients for eligibility, assist eligible individuals with applying for benefits, and facilitate enrollment into QHPs.

Your Hospital’s Bottom Line

DECO significantly decreases facility bad debt by converting a projected $0 pay account into a paying account. DECO consistently converts more accounts in less time, thereby reducing accounts receivable days. Our clients have experienced as much as a 45% increase in collections, recovered 15% more reimbursements, and secured 12% more paying accounts.

DECO’s Disability Advocacy Team

DECO’s team of specialized Disability Representatives has an 80% conversion rate in comparison with the national average of 52%. DECO’s representatives have decades of experience and have been certified by the Social Security Administration. As a result of our strategic central location, DECO has developed a network of contacts with SSA Central Operations and Field Offices.


DECO has developed a proprietary, in-house designed Eligibility Management software – DECOnet. DECO’s software has been specifically designed to promote tasking, tracking and reporting both eligibility and disability statuses. DECOnet works seamlessly with most hospital systems and has the ability to electronically import referred accounts and export notes into the facility system. DECOnet’s robust nature allows for customized reports and monthly electronic reconciliations.

Superior Staff

With an active, internally-promoted ‘Culture of Service’, DECO staff becomes client staff – integrating with your facility’s revenue cycle team. DECO’s comprehensive approach fully compliments your existing processes and allows your employees to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively.

DECO Recovery Management Services

It is as important to patients as it is to hospitals that proper vehicles for payment are utilized because it is best to be penny wise. A program like DECO Recovery Management Services can prove to be an invaluable asset in both the lives of recipients of medical assistance and in the financial aspects of hospitals and other related facilities.

DECO has devised a system whereby persons who pay out of pocket are tested for eligibility for Medicaid. Those patients then become insured patients and the hospital gains a definite form of payment where there may not have been a payment at all.

Healthcare revenue cycle management helps in this area. Aside from the assistance persons who are eligible for Medicaid receive, there is also help for persons with disabilities as well as others who qualify for assistance. As it is noted, DECO provides transportation and other resources to persons whom may not be aware that they qualify for these programs.

The relief from the pressure of an unmanageable budget alone could be reason enough to call DECO. Morale would soar with the possibility of equipment and tools necessary for staffers to perform their chosen professions efficiently. Getting the chance to relax and not live under the burden of inadequate financial streams is also an asset.

DECO is known for great hospital revenue cycle management improvement services, so sit back and leave the driving to us. As it is said, the financial picture could be very rewarding. The ingenuity of DECO makes it all worth while. The long hours slip into minutes. The coffee tastes fresher, eyes look brighter, and things are going to be ok financially.

It’s good to know that things can be better and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. DECO has devised a way to better your facility’s revenue cycle system by converting potential bad debt into cash, and also by making it more organized and streamlined with our dedication to ever-changing processes and our detailed attention to technology.

Call DECO today and find out about how our revenue cycle management improvement services can assist your facility. There is unlimited growth potential with DECO. We offer stability and peace of mind. When it comes to your finances, trust DECO, the company with you in mind. We will be there when you need us, offering the best possible advantages to the obstacles that so many times cause monetary resources to dwindle.