Consultation and Filing Assistance for Social Security Disability Insurance

DECO Recovery Management is an eligibility services provider whom you can rely on to give updated, accurate, and timely advice to your patients. We offer consultation services for SSDI eligibility, patient screening solutions, and assistance to qualified individuals in obtaining coverage.

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DECO Recovery Management Practices Compassion

In line with our Culture of Service and compassionate, patient-advocacy approach to eligibility services, our SSDI eligibility consultation services go beyond screening your patients and determining if they qualify for SSA benefits.

We will assist your eligible patients in completing the necessary forms to file for claims. If the SSA declines their application, our team will review the claim and file an appeal. We’re also ready to provide transportation if your patient needs to appear before an Administrative Law Judge.

Our goal is to help patients obtain financial assistance and benefit from the quality health care your institution provides. By easing their financial burden, our Social Security Disability consultants can also guarantee payments for the medical services your staff rendered.

DECO Recovery Management’s Disability Advocacy Team

• Our 80% conversion rate is well above the 52% national average.

• We have over 100 years of Social Security Disability experience and are certified by the SSA.

• Our network of contacts within Social Security’s Central Operations & Field Offices enables us to expedite the decision-making process for your patients’ applications.

DECO Assists with Determining Your Patients’ Eligibility for Social Security Disability

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program of the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides a safety net for the injured and those born with a disability. It gives peace of mind to millions of Americans concerned about obtaining quality health care for themselves and their loved ones.

For patients and their families, eligibility for Social Security Disability is a saving grace. Not only can qualified individuals receive compensation and Medicare benefits for much-needed health care — but it also guarantees financial assistance for their everyday needs.

Unfortunately, not many are aware that they qualify for the assistance. Those who know about their SSI eligibility, meanwhile, find applying for claims a tedious process that brings them even more stress.

For these reasons, DECO Recovery Management offers valuable and compassionate assistance to your patients. Our SSA-certified experts are on hand to answer questions about SSDI eligibility. We also perform thorough screenings to help your institution’s revenue cycle management team determine the eligibility of your patients.

What Our Services Can Do for Your Health Care Facility

Filling out the mountains of paperwork associated with SSDI takes time and skillful handling. But, with our assistance, offloading the grunt work is the bare minimum of what we can do for your hospital or clinic.

Our team boasts an 80% conversion rate — significantly higher than the national average of 52%. Our leaders and hard-working staff have decades of combined experience, and we leverage their expertise to help your patients obtain the entitlements they deserve. Being an SSA-certified company also gives us an upper hand in the filing process. As a result, your hospital earns a reputation as a compassionate institution while maintaining good financial health.

At DECO Recovery Management, we work hard to deliver positive outcomes to all parties involved. You can trust in our Social Security Disability eligibility services. We’ll make it possible for your institution to continue providing stellar health care services your patients can enjoy.

Find out how DECO Recovery Management can help your patients and your facility. Talk to our eligibility experts today.